About Us

We are a team of 11 people who help companies build their consumer base based on a data driven method by using modern frameworks and technologies.

Our Company

By fostering honest, transparent, and frequent communication with our clients, we guarantee a strong relationship, rooted in trust, which always keeps your best interest in mind. With a sound marketing strategy and a little bit of patience, your business will be ahead of the pack in no time!

What do we do?

We are a group of leading business developers who help clients to scale their business globally and help them unleash the potential of their business. We help businesses find their core values and assist them in building a brand, giving it a social media recognition, we also provide marketing, lead generation, web development, product development services.

Client request
1. Client request

On approval, we connect with clients through various media and know about them.

Strategy planning
2. Strategy planning

Depending on the type of business we plan and form a blueprint of our strategies.

Video call
3. Video call

Once the client is satisfied, a live video call is arranged, and the client is given a contract and an invoice.

4. Confirmation

We work with them for the mentioned time period and help them increase their revenue


About Me

My name is Jaya Sanjay, a young entrepreneur. Currently, I’m running my agency named ‘Focus Arc’.

Here, I reach out Business people’s to scale up their growth from my unique strategies and experience in this field.

I’m a Social Media Trainer | Web Designer | SEO specialist

We provide tools and trainings for Digital Marketing to learn and grow themselves and their business.


Meet our team

At Focus arc Interactive, our trusted team of talented, creative, and energetic digital marketing specialists will work with you to grow your online presence and drive revenue for your business.

team member 1


Content writer

team member 2



team member 3

Nandha kishore


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