Smart Quiz Builder Review (2022): Build Dynamic and Engaging Quizzes

Smart Quiz Builder

Smart Quiz Builder is a WordPress Quiz Plugin that will allow you to easily build a lead magnet quiz or survey funnel where you can ask your prospects a series of relevant questions to learn more about them, segment & assign tags based on their answers.

It uses the power of quizzes to generate leads, build social media following, generate traffic, and improve conversion. It is designed to help you increase your quiz engagement.

Quiz Funnel Builder

Smart Quiz Builder lets visitors spend more time on the site and get more relevant data about potential customers. It generates leads and tailors your content with an easy-to-build quiz funnel.

It allows you to create high-quality and professional-looking quizzes comes with multiple visually appealing templates that will help you create entertaining and share-worthy personality quizzers. 

Features of Smart Quiz Builder

👉  There are three types of quizzes that you can build: Personality, assessments, and scoring.

👉  Smart Quiz Builder allows you to create calculators, surveys, personalized and timed quizzes.

👉  You can include all types of questions in your quizzes or surveys such as single choice, multiple choice, open-ended questions, yes/no, fill-in-the-blank, file upload, rating scale, matrix-style, ranking, and sliders. More types of questions are coming soon according to their roadmap.

👉  You can choose from pre-built quizzes so you won’t have to start from scratch.

👉  On the other hand, Smart Quiz Builder has an advanced and user-friendly customizer so you can easily edit your quizzes and modify them as much as you’d like. This also includes a mobile-view customizer so you have control over the mobile responsiveness of your quizzes and surveys.

👉  Their intuitive UI/UX allows you to build and publish your quizzes in just a few minutes.

👉  Create advanced quizzes using feedback surveys, conditional logic and analytics, and much more.

👉  Add smart branching logic where answers dictate the next question.

👉  Send your leads to a fully-customized, personalized outcome screen or a recommended product page based on their feedback and results of their quiz.

👉  Add your own custom branding and style to all of your quizzes, surveys, and assessments.

👉  Smart Visual Builder can integrate with all major email and marketing platforms.

👉  Create and view detailed analytics and reports of your quizzes right in your dashboard.

👉  Smart Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin but you can embed their code so you can easily insert the quiz widget in any part of your website.

👉  People can easily share the quiz with their friends through social media integrations and buttons.

What makes Smart Quiz Builder stand out?


Smart Quiz Builder(SQB) helps users to create multiple-choice quiz. Hints can be specified based on answer selection. Multiple correct answers can be chosen. 

It can be selected as how many times the question can be attempted. You can use this plugin to engage your website traffic on the quiz and with these; you can easily generate leads and increase your website sales.

Smart Quiz Builder is a feature-rich plugin for Quiz building and leads generation. The best part is that this platform is completely customizable, so you can create surveys that fit perfectly with how you work.

So if you are the one looking to create quizzes to attract more users’ interaction on your website, then you can use this plugin

Who is Smart Quiz Builder For?


Digital Marketers, business owners, or any sales team that wants a better understanding of their customer’s wants and needs through an interactive sales and quiz funnels.

Note: Smart Quiz Builder is a plugin for WordPress. You’ll need at least one WordPress site to install, create, and manage quizzes. But after you create it, you can publish it anywhere, including on non-WordPress sites.

Smart Quiz Builder’s Pricing Overview


Smart Quiz Builder’s price starts at a single payment of $69 for a One-site License. This allows you to build quizzes, complete with all of its features, but only on one website. Theirs is not a subscription model so the price scales up if you want to build interactive quizzes on multiple websites.

Alternatively, Smart Quiz Builder is offering a limited lifetime deal which starts at $59 for a single code. Check out the inclusions in this deal below:

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »

Smart Quiz Builder Overview

SmartQuizBuilder is a quiz-based lead generation and leads nurturing tool that allows you to build a quiz funnel and generate leads effectively. 

It’s the best for Digital Marketers, Digital Entrepreneurs who want to understand their customer through captivating targeted quizzes better.

It is a very intuitive platform. Within minutes, you can create your quizzer funnel- also a very user-friendly quiz builder for any non-coder person. 

The best part of SmartQuizBuilder is that you can create one-of-a-kind quizzes in just minutes with no coding skills required. You can even use the pre-built templates or start from scratch.

Generate leads & tailor your content with an easy quiz funnel

Bridge the gap between you and your prospects with interactive quizzes from Smart Quiz Builder. Get lifetime access to Smart Quiz Builder today!

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