9 Huge Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

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Digital advertising is always growing and changing. After Covid-19 (second wave), we are observing tremendous changes in people’s habits and purchasing behaviour. We are also seeing huge growth in the startup industry.

Traditional digital marketing won’t work anymore in 2022, so you need more innovative and effective marketing tactics to stand out in your market. 

Instagram Reels, TikTok, Google new algorithms, and Covid-19 have changed online marketing, so we got you a list of marketing tactics and strategies you need in 2022 to succeed.

Digital marketing trends never stay the same for too long. As technology develops and people’s buying behaviour changes, the way companies attract their consumers has to change.

by California Business Journal Editorial Staff

There is a vast opportunity for the digital marketing sector to grow in 2022. With that being said, let us look at the most effective digital market trends that will help you thrive in 2022.

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What are the emerging digital marketing trends?

I’ve chosen 9 emerging digital marketing trends for 2022 that will help you put your business in front of the competition and will help to boost your business. 

Mind you, these are predictions based on what’s already happening in marketing. You should never forget about the golden rules that are timeless and were proven to work every time.

Digital-Marketing 2022

The new trends, however, are a great opportunity to distinguish your brand and put you forward of the competition. The earlier you catch on, the better chance to get discovered.

Ready? Let’s take a look at the latest digital marketing trends:

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1. Short Videos & Live Streaming

The attention span of people has reduced significantly from long videos to short videos. Instagram Reels and TikTok are actually doing considerably well and people are spending hours on these platforms. 

During the lockdown, people did live sessions to connect with their audience. These live sessions are expected to do well in the future too. 


Source: BRID.TV

The power of Live streaming can be estimated from these examples: Kim Kardashian has sold more than 150,000 bottles of her perfume within minutes, with the help of Live streaming only. Isn’t it great!


Source: YouTube

Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, etc to educate their potential audience about their products & services and received good feedback. Implementing the live streaming strategy is more impactful.

This is proved by the fact that 90% of the potential customers believe in the business when the information is conveyed through a video. 

2. Metaverse and VR/AR

In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced the transformation of Facebook into Meta. The company revealed they are working on “Metaverse”, a next generation of social media or perhaps even the Internet.

You can start with planning Metaverse strategies already. There are tons of apps that already work in the augmented reality available through your smartphone camera.

For example, the IKEA place app gives you an option to try the furniture at your own home before you purchase it. This is a use of Augmented Reality by IKEA to promote its business.


As the mobile devices are getting more advanced and VR sets are more accessible, VR and AR marketing will be an emerging digital marketing trend in 2022. We are yet to see how it will play out.

3. Local SEO & SEO

You should focus more on Local SEO as it gives a much better reach for brands and businesses. And give your business authenticity and a very organic reputation among the local searchers.

Having a well-furnished and highly rated profile on Google My Business can boost your business growth tremendously. These days people research well and check feedback before purchasing anything from you and if you are nowhere to be found except your website, you will lose trust and sales.

Local-SEO 2022

Google introduced new algorithms and gave new opportunities to small and new businesses to rank high on google. You need to have unique and well-researched content on your website that provides value. 

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4. Voice Search

Google is promoting voice search endlessly and encouraging people to speak their queries instead of typing. If your website isn’t voice search ready, you are losing your business and market.

Voice search will shortly become the preferred way of searching on google. It is quicker, hands-free, and more suitable. Voice search is ushering in a new era of SEO and focusing on long-tail keywords. 

If you aren’t answering questions of your visitors on your website, you need to make your website voice search-friendly in 2021.


The increasing use of voice search has pushed companies to rethink their digital marketing strategies. If you’re still unsure about voice search, consider this:

  • 20% of all internet searches are voice-based.
  • 58% of consumers used voice search to find local business information.
  • 40% of adults use voice search daily.
  • 1 billion voice searches take place every month.

Voice search already plays a crucial role in providing relevant information for search engine users. Google Assistant has 1 million actions and Alexa has over 100,000 skills, which represent functions that allow their voice assistants to react very specifically to user commands and queries:

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an ongoing trend that you might also have experienced in different social media channels. It is a type of word-of-mouth marketing where celebrities or social media influencers are used to amplify the brand message to a larger market.

These influencers can be Instagram or YouTube personalities who have thousands and millions of followers. These personalities have a niche following who can help spread the word about the brand to the broader market. 

For example, Kareena Kapoor Khan, an Indian Bollywood actress promoting the Netmeds platform through her Instagram handle.


In the past, companies used to force ads on their consumers but today, people don’t click on ads even if you are offering mind-blowing solutions. So you need endorsements from people they trust and follow. 

6. Interactive Content

Nowadays, interactive content is the boss, with 91% of marketers rating interactive content is booming in 2022. Today’s people want to interact with brands, products, and services before making a purchase. 

Interactive Content

Interactive content not only enhances conversions to 40-50%, but people love to share this content with other people in their circle.

● Interactive content generates 2x more conversions.  

● 88% of marketers voted that interactive content makes them stand out.

● Interactive content gets up to 5x more traffic than passive content

● 91% of B2B buyers would like to consume interactive content.

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7. Google Ads Smart Bidding

There is endless competition between brands and businesses to rank higher on search engines. However, SEO demands a lot of effort and time to get your website on google’s first page on top. 

An alternative for this, is paid ads. It makes easier for you to rank on top, so it is considered to be a very effective digital marketing trend in 2022. 

PPC advertising and its “smart bidding” feature help you in many ways and save time and ace ads performance. 

Google Ads

Benefits of Smart Bidding include: Advanced machine learning, Wide range of contextual signals, Flexible performance controls, Transparent performance reporting.

8. User-Generated Content

The User Generated Content (UGC) helps in building and strengthening the communities. It helps in bridging the gap between brands and users and brings them on the same platform. 

UGC can be in the form of testimonials from users, posts and images created by users or comments on blogs. UGC has been influential and will continue to be an interesting digital marketing trend in 2022. 

#AtHomewithOreo campaign in the pandemic COVID-19 is another example of the success of User-Generated Content (UGC). The campaign attracted 249 million impressions and 29 million video views. The brand encouraged its users to share their recipes with Oreo on Facebook and Instagram handles. 


The campaign gained an organic reach of 400000 people. As per the associate director of Mondelez India (Oreo biscuits), the campaign reduced the pandemic gloom and create playful moments among families.

9. Zero click searches and Featured snippets.

For the past couple of years, we have seen the rise of the featured snippet, which describes a page’s content in the search result. A page that receives a featured snippet is said to have a “position zero” as it shows up before the first result:

featured snippet position zero

The highlighted and featured snippet is Position Zero, as it is displayed at the top of the SERP, the leading organic result. This position portrays the best answer to the query asked on Google. Google pulls out the content from the first 10 organic results and displays it on Position Zero. 

The featured snippets mostly appear to the questions, including terms like who, what, how, when, and more. The featured snippets can be in paragraph form, in a list form, or table. 

Also, answer the question in the keyword with the help of quality content. Do not forget to create the schema for the FAQ’s, events, and location. This will boost up the Click Through Rate and will give more organic traffic to your site. 


We can say that the digital marketing industry is going to change completely in 2022. You can’t force your ads on consumers and expect them to buy from you. 

You will need to engage and interact with your customers with your brand, product, and services. 

Short videos, interactive content, live sessions are going to remain here. Influencer marketing will grow tremendously in the coming future, so you need a mixed digital marketing strategy to boom in 2022.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

John F. Kennedy


Q. What are the latest digital marketing trends? 

A. The latest digital marketing trends are AI, Voice Search Optimization, Video Marketing, Instagram Reels, Interactive Content, Influencer Marketing & Smart ads to name a few. 

Q. What are the top trends in digital marketing for 2022? 

A. The top trends in digital marketing for 2022 are AI, Voice Search Optimization, Programmatic Advertising, YouTube ads, Instagram Reels, Shoppable Content, Influencer Marketing & SEO. 

Q. What is the future of digital marketing?

A. The future of digital marketing is very promising and will see big growth. We are expected to see some more technology development and machine learning involvement in the digital marketing industry.

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