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Honista Features & Tutorial

Honista — a groundbreaking app equipped with distinctive and innovative features, promising a stellar user experience. Honista boasts a plethora of functionalities such as negating Instagram ads, optimizing data usage for displaying Instagram images, and conserving data when viewing photos and videos on Instagram. 

Honista isn’t just an add-on to the mainstream Instagram app; once you experience Honista on your device, the standard Instagram app might just fade from your memory.

Dive in below to uncover more about Honista. 

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What is Honista?

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Honista, an innovative Instagram alternative, offers a distinct experience on Android. It’s a free, open-source app enabling photo, video, and live stream viewing. 

With features like saving images, ghost mode, and ad-blocking, Honista stands out as a user-centric, all-in-one solution. Professionally developed, it simplifies tasks like viewing profiles or downloading media, eliminating the need for multiple apps. 

It’s tailored for a seamless social media experience, making it a go-to choice for Android users seeking convenience and exclusivity. 

However, Honista isn’t available on the Google Play Store due to its unofficial nature. To get Honista on your Android device, navigate to the download link provided at the end of this page. 

Features of Honista

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Privacy Specialities

Do you want to browse Honista without disturbance? We also provide you with exclusive features that allow you to use the application with complete freedom and privacy that is not available in any other application, through the new ghost mode. The tasks of the ghost feature can be summarized as follows.

Full privacy with Ghost mode

  • Stories Ghost: View stories without send seen status.
  • Chat Ghost: View messages without send seen status.
    NOTE: The messages in your direct message remain unread.
  • Live Ghost: Join lives but nobodies notice that you have entered live.
    NOTE: The live people counter will not be updated.

Other important privacy features

  • App Hiding: Alter the app’s icon & name, making it resemble other icons, like those for a clock or calculator.
  • Hidden Chats Lock: Secure individual chats using a pin code or biometric verification.
  • App Lock: Protect the entire app with a strong password or fingerprint access.
  • Auto Lock Time: Set the app to auto-lock after a designated time interval.

Boundless Personalization

Dive into a realm of infinite adjustments with Honista v8.0, packed with an array of revamped tools and elements. Gain the liberty to mold every facet of the app to your liking. 

From tweaking interface hues and altering typography to swapping to the iOS font style or any other of your preference, the power is in your hands. 

Want iOS-styled emojis? Honista grants that wish without nudging you towards external apps.

  • Dark Mode: Toggle between night or dark mode at will.
  • Change Theme: Immerse in a palette of over 50 theme shades transforming the entire app UI.
  • Chat Background: Embellish all chats with a personalized background image from your gallery.
  • Emoji Type: Pick from an assortment of over 10 emoji styles for your chats.
  • App Font: Infuse fresh typographies that resonate across the app.
  • Story Font: Have the reins to the typography in stories, customizing them to perfection.

Simplified Media Downloads

Honista eliminates the need for external apps by providing instant and tailored media download options directly within the app.

Post Special Features
  • Post Download: Seamlessly download media from posts, encompassing videos and images.
  • Thumbnail Download: Download the post’s thumbnail, ideal for sharing on social channels.
  • Copy Caption: Copy the post’s description with ease.
  • Zoom Profile Photo: Easily view and download a user’s profile picture by long-pressing on it, including in comments.
  • Video Auto Play: If you enable automatic video playback, videos will play on their own. Disabling autoplay, giving you control to play selected ones. This feature helps save your internet data.
Other interesting key features are
  • Know who follows you, It allows you to see a list of all the people who follow you, even if they are not following you back.
  • Pinch to Zoom on Stories, Change Size of Story Circles on Home Page, Post the Story to Highlight Directly.
  • Selecting Display of Notes for All Followers or Only the Followed Back Followers. 
  • Live Only for Follow Back Users.
  • Switch Between Suggested and Following in Reels Page.
  • Save internet data by using the internet saving tool, which displays low-quality images and videos to reduce data consumption.

High-Quality Professional Tools

Honista exclusively provides a built-in set of tools and add-ons that allow you to perform tasks that were complex before or that you need other applications to do, with these tools you can increase your productivity by reducing the time you spend on carrying out these tasks by using the magic wand icon that You will find it appearing in any post, whether it is a photo, video, or story. Here are the most important content tools available in Honista:

  • Downloading the post media like video or images in one go.
  • Open with the mobile player “Play videos with the player from your phone”.
  • Download the cover of the post “The cover appears when sharing the post on social platforms.”
  • Repost the entire post with all details on your account.
  • Copy the caption of the post.
  • View full post details.

Content & Ads Control Filters

In order for us to make Honista suitable for each user in particular, we took into account the preferences and options that users of the application need.

So we added and improved the filters feature, through which you can customize the content that appears to you in Honista, and the filter options include two main groups, which are as follows.

First: remove ads and suggestions

This group includes options that allow you to control the appearance of ads and advertisers.

  • Remove sponsored ads.
  • Remove suggested posts.
  • Remove suggested pages.
  • Activate anti-ads and advertisers.
  • Displays a list of pages where anti-ads is enabled.
Second: post filters

The options available in this group give you control over what content is shown to you.

  • Remove posts that contain videos.
  • Remove posts that contain pictures.
  • Remove posts from private pages.
  • Remove posts from public pages.
  • Remove liked posts.
  • Remove previously viewed posts.

How To Download & Install Honista?

  1. Click on the Download APK button, and then the download will start directly.
  2. Wait for the download of the file to complete and ensure that the file size matches the size mentioned on the download page.
  3. Go to your phone’s file manager and locate the downloaded application file named Honista.apk.
  4. Click on the application file named Honista.apk once to start the installation process.
  5. Follow the installation instructions that appear sequentially from the Android system.

Still unable to download or install the Honista application? No worries, you can get help through typing your probelm in the comments section.

How To Launch & Login To Honista App?

Because if we download Honista on the phone now, we will explain in steps how to open the app:

The first time you open the Honista 2024 application on your mobile phone, a message appears. It is called a privacy policy message. You press the “Accept And Continue” button, which means approval and continuation.

Then, a list of all languages available on the application will appear for you, and you will choose the language in which you want to use the app. After that, you will see the login page with your Instagram account, by clicking on the “Login” button to log in a safe and easy way.


Honista APK is a unique app that enhances the Instagram experience by providing offline viewing, easy downloads, and customization options. 

With features like phantom mode, boundless personalization, and exclusive tools, Honista stands out as a versatile and user-centric Instagram alternative. 

The app prioritizes user privacy and offers a range of features to optimize content viewing, data management, and media downloads. 

Honista’s commitment to regular updates ensures users enjoy the latest enhancements and features for an unparalleled Instagram experience.


Honista is free of cost, it can be downloaded free, and there are no hidden features behind the paywall.

Of course, the honista app is safe, and does not pose a threat to users’ data and information.

Yes, Honista works without issues if it is installed while the official version of Instagram is present.

So far, there hasn’t been an official release of Honista, but we plan to launch a version specifically for the iOS system soon.

Data privacy is our utmost priority. We never store or misuse user data. Always make sure you download the app from trusted sources.

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