Best 8 ways to get more YouTube Subscribers


There’s no better time than now to figure out how to promote your YouTube channel.

Why “now,” though?

For starters, YouTube recently overtook Facebook as the second most-visited site on the web.

In a day and age where we’re spending up to six hours per day consuming video, the writing is on the wall: we need to appeal to our customers’ binge-watching tendencies.

And so if you want to stand out on YouTube, you need to take advantage of as many promotional tactics as possible.

Subscribers are pivotal to the growth story where monetization comes in as the higher your reach, the more you are closer to attaining YouTube benefits. The YouTubers who are not here for monetization should know the golden rule that the YouTube algorithm dictates YouTube.

The same redefines success stories based on the higher the engagement, through real-time counts on the number of plays to watch time, describes statistics of improvising on clocking up newer users. Here we discuss steps on how to get YouTube subscribers by following the eight tips.

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How to get YouTube Subscribers using 8 Easy Hacks

1) Create Engaging Content

A key process that goes a long way to channel your growth as a YouTuber is doing your research right and deciding on a script. It accomplishes your task of getting YouTube subscribers and fanning that base by posting intriguing content with the usage of the perfect studio in-house. Also, having the first fraction of a few seconds of the video momentous lets you make the best of the impression.

The key to accomplishing this is planning during pre-production. Here are a few ways you can do this better than your competition:

Do Your Research

Watch your competitors’ videos, as well as videos in industries outside of yours, and jot down notes of the most intriguing parts. Rather than copying what your competition is doing, find a more creative way to do it better. For example, if I was in the Digital Marketing (or any other business) I’d probably take a tip or two from my mentor Helloveeru.

Script ahead

You might think you can wing it on screen. Well, you can—but you shouldn’t. You need to plan out your script, do a table read, re-write it, table read, and re-write it again. This process improves your script to make it take on the story you’re trying to convey in the most powerful way. Businesses often underutilize the power of scripting, but mastering this art can take your videos to an entirely new level.

If you’re new to video scripting, check out this guide from Wistia!

2) Shorter Videos

Testimonials suggest how to get YouTube subscribers by creating shorter videos. There are various studies regarding the short attention span of subscribers where anything longer than a precise 3-5 minutes is a turnoff which viewers take no time in scrolling through. Hence the shorter the length of the videos, the better.

While testimonials are great, long videos and YouTube do not go well together! Regardless of how complicated the product you’re marketing is, your videos should never exceed 5 minutes.

Why? Well, science. Study after study proves that online video viewers have a short attention span. I mean, did you forget earlier when I told you how 20 percent of viewers drop off within the first 10 seconds? In fact, HubSpot has found that the ideal length for videos on YouTube is a nice and concise 2 minutes. So re-edit those long webinars, and turn them into short, snappy clips.

best length for youtube videos
3) Turn a Set of Videos into a Binge-Worthy Playlist

A recurring playlist of videos that are associated is one way of how to get YouTube subscribers. Weaving your way through grouping playlists allows viewers to save time rather than manually searching & clicking the next. 

Why is this good for subscription growth? Well, it will keep people on your channel longer, and show them you have a plethora of quality content. This will also keep your video content highly organized so your channel doesn’t become a cluttered mess that turns users away.

Another reason is, the more videos you create, the more difficult it becomes for people to navigate through your channel.

That’s why playlists are so important. Not only do playlists allow you to group your videos into categories to organize your channel, but also appeal to your viewers’ desire to binge.

4) Customizing Thumbnails

Your video thumbnail is essentially the cover of your video, so you need it to be absolutely beyond engaging. In fact, I’d argue that the video thumbnail is the most critical item determining whether a visitor is going to play or not play your video.

A tool vital to a channel’s success is how you pan out your thumbnails to get YouTube subscribers through effectively designing the video cover. This is detrimental to viewers playing your video and getting that much-needed exposure. 

5) Consistency is the Key

Consistency is key, because subscribers are not going to stay subscribed if you never update your channel or if you update 4 times in one week and then take a month-long hiatus.

YouTube demands consistency and fine-tuning ways of scripting to the creation of videos to its posting at regular intervals that foretells how to get YouTube subscribers and choose to stay subscribed, not if one disappears and comes back to the grind after a month of intermission.

6) Engage with the YouTube community

Although you might not think of YouTube as a social network, the platform does represent a thriving community where users are engaging via content via profiles, “likes” and comments.

Sounds pretty “social” if you ask us.

As noted earlier, any sort of interaction with your viewers is seen as a positive signal to YouTube. If nothing else, engaging with your subscribers can help you foster a stronger connection with your audience. “Liking” comments only takes a few seconds, as does pinning a top comment as a sort of personal note to your subscribers.

7) YouTube Channel Promotions

A way of how to get YouTube subscribers is through promoting YouTube channels across communities or groups online. Be it Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, active engagement helps spread around the world and acts as a boon to the growing number of subscriptions as proof.

The wider one’s reach, the higher the appeal, and following these few charted tips will make a difference in how your YouTube channel has grown since scratch or that it would now the steps are waiting to be tested.

social sharing

Last, but definitely not least, make sure your YouTube videos are optimized to rank in search engine results and in the results that show up when people search within YouTube itself.

video optimization for more youtube subscribers

SEO for YouTube videos can get a bit technically involved, but there are some very easy wins you can do to get your videos in good SEO shape. A few of these best practices include:

  • Create Searchable Titles: Try to align your video with a popular keyword, and make sure to use the keyword you’re targeting in your video title (you can use AdWords or our Free Keyword Tool to do some quick keyword research and pinpoint some good terms people are searching for). Also, make sure your title isn’t too long; I’d recommend keeping it around 50 characters max.
  • Add a Transcript to Every Video: Video transcripts are a great way to make your videos more accessible to a larger audience, and they also help with SEO! Transcripts essentially act as page copy, giving your video more indexable text so you can rank for more queries.
  • Optimize Your Video Descriptions: Don’t just jam-pack this field with keywords, rather make it an engaging and well-written description of what the video is about, and use your most critical keywords.
  • Don’t Forget About Meta Tags: Meta tags are another way to get your keywords into your video, and make it more searchable. I’d recommend searching for popular videos in your space and seeing what meta tags they use. Again, make sure to not overdo it with the keywords here; just focus on the words that are most critical.

Ready for a lot more YouTube subscribers? Then get to work and make it happen!

To sum up…

Wrapping up!

The ways enlisted are some of the best tips on maximizing the truest reach across YouTube amassing viewership worldwide and entailing a solid subscriber base.

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