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How to get traffic on Quora

A Brief Introduction to Quora

Quora is undeniably the biggest Q&A site on the web right now. It ranks high in google and gets around 1 billion views per month.

This is the place for beginners and experts to drive traffic to their websites. This helps the website to rank high and gain traffic.

The way to drive traffic to your blog or website is simply by answering questions. And the important thing is to place the website URL or landing page URL on your answer. So that you will get traffic.

As the name implies, a Question & Answer (Q&A) website is where users come to post their questions and have them answered by the community.


The way I see it, it’s the perfect setting for bloggers who want to showcase their expertise and get their target audience’s attention.

Why Should You Use Quora to Generate Traffic?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the main benefits of promoting your blog on Quora:

‣ Never-Ending Stream of Content Ideas

As a blogger, you should know how tough it is to come up with fresh content ideas on a regular basis.

Quora might be the answer to your problems with its never-ending pool of content ideas waiting for you to discover. For every post, it provides a network of related questions that you can use in your next blog post.


Using the search bar, entering a couple of keywords may also help you generate ideas right off the bat. While most of the suggestions need some refining, it shouldn’t be hard to tweak them into usable content titles.


‣ Introduces you to new audience

Did you know that Quora has over 300 million active monthly users? That’s a HUGE number considering the fact that Quora is a Q & A platform and the number of active users are growing rapidly every single month.

There are also more than 400,000 topics on Quora covering a wide range of topics from science to technology to fitness and so on. So what do these stats tell you? If you’re actively participating on Quora, you can reach out to a ton of new audience.

‣ Quora helps you find the RIGHT answers

It doesn’t matter whether you are using Quora for doing research or to fix something, it helps you find the best answers and great information in one place. There are a lot of experts from various industries including dental to science to technology provide and share their wisdom with other users on Quora.

If you’re a blogger, you can find so much helpful information related to the topics you’re going to cover on your blog. So you can use Quora for doing research, coming up with new ideas and strategies and so on.

If you still don’t find answers or better answers to a particular question or topic, you can post a question by yourself (either by using your name or you can also post it anonymously). If the question is interesting enough, it will definitely fetch some good answers in the future.

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How to Get Traffic From Quora

Pumped to get started with Quora marketing?

Then let me show you how to use Quora to get traffic.

Step 1: Pick the Right Interests

Upon creating your account, Quora will ask you to specify your fields of interest, which will be added to your feed. This will make it easy for you to find relevant questions to answer later on, so be sure to choose everything aligned with your niche.

You need to select at least 10 topics before you can complete your registration.


Step 2: Start with a Killer Profile Bio

Just like with social media marketing, you need an awesome author bio to establish a solid presence on Quora.

A good chunk of your profile’s configuration involves basic steps, like adding your profile photo and filling in your name. What you need to pay attention to, however, are your credentials and description.


Your description doesn’t have to be an entire article’s worth of words — just keep it short, straightforward, and impactful.

You can simply enumerate your job experience, what you do, and maybe a couple of your hobbies. You can also list down the websites you’ve been featured in if you’ve been actively guest blogging.

Your profile should also contain links to relevant pages, such as your website or social media profiles.

Step 3: Perform Content Research

Once your profile and brand topic are all set, it’s time to get to work.

Quora is an excellent source of content ideas that your target audience wants to read about. However, not all questions are made the same.

Some questions are already saturated with answers while others barely get any attention at all. What you want to answer are posts that have a ton of followers with only a few answers to match the demand.

That’s why finding the right questions is one of the new skills you should refine if you want to learn how to use Quora effectively.

You can find these metrics by navigating to one of the topic pages on your feed and going to the ‘Answer’ tab.

quora q&a

As a rule of thumb, try to find questions with an answer-follower ratio of 1:5. That means a post with at least five followers and one answer or less, which maximizes your chances of getting the high votes.


Step 4: Use the Question to Develop a Full-Fledged Article

Your next step is to plan and craft top-notch content that answers the question in detail.

Ideally, you already have a couple of blog posts that align with the topic at hand. If not, take this as an opportunity to write exactly what the Quora user is looking for.

In relation to the example above, you can write something about the best marketing strategies for startups with some examples. 

content topic

It’s all about providing value not just through knowledge alone, but actionable steps that can position your brand as the go-to source of information.

Step 5: Write Quora Answers Like a Pro

Got your content ready?

Great — the next step is to naturally insert the link to your content in your answer.

Since you crafted the content specifically for this question, it should blend in nicely. You just need to focus on the quality of your answer, which will help you get more upvotes, exposure, and traffic.

Here are surefire ways to guarantee this:

  • Use Visual Content
    Just like your regular blog posts, Quora answers with visual content have a better chance of snagging the audience’s attention. These can be screenshots, infographics, YouTube videos, and so on.
  • Be Exhaustive
    Remember that Quora marketing has become competitive due to the platform’s ever-increasing popularity. If you are to answer a question, cover as much ground as possible and give users no reason to look for other answers.
  • Use Proper Formatting
    To improve the readability of your answer, break down sections into subheadings. You can also create bulleted or numbered list to enumerate relevant information.
  • Write Using Natural Language
    Quora answers never need to be structured like full-fledged articles with thousands of words. Try to use simple language, be direct, and be conversational to connect with users on a more emotional level.
  • Be Careful with Links
    Lastly, while you have the option to insert a link to a landing page, only do so if it makes sense. You don’t want your answer to look self-serving by containing lots of promotional links.

The final step is to answer similar questions while providing the same link to your content. Just like before, pick the questions carefully and write your answers differently each time.


So how do you answer questions without spamming?

Don’t get excited! I’ll teach you step by step.

Step 01: Keep in mind that your main objective is providing value to the people by answering their questions. Please don’t copy and paste content from any other sites. ** You will get banned if you do so**

Step 02 : Answer questions that you have knowledge of and questions related to your website. ** Please write the answers by yourself to be safe**

Step 03 : As soon as you create your account please don’t place the link in all the questions you answer.

For the first week don’t place any links on your answer. Just provide some value and show that you are not spamming.

And then on the following week place your website link or landing page link on 1 of 5 questions you answer. And gradually increase it when you feel safe. Then within a month or two, you will be able to place links in all your answers.

( Answer 10 – 15 questions per day at start and gradually increase)

*** Please don’t place affiliate links. You will get banned! ***

Final Tips on how to get traffic from Quora!

Tip 01 : Question research

Tip 02 : Create answer templates.

Tip 03 : Answer format

Tip 04 : Adding the links

Tip 05 : Professional profile


Make sure to follow these tips and tricks. And trust me, you will see some results within 10-12 days. ( Make sure to practice these tips and tricks daily )

If you have any thoughts or questions, please don’t hesitate to make use of the comments section.

Hope this short read was helpful.

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